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Posted: Monday Mar 21, 01:04 PDT Updated: Monday Mar 21, 01:12 PDT

Your Spiritness Expo Holistic & Psychic Fair


Your Spiritness Expo Holistic & Psychic Fair

Your Spiritness Expo Holistic & Psychic Fair
Saturday & Sunday 11a-7p
March 26-27, 2011
Anticipating: Psychics & mediums, aura photos, massage & Reiki, crystals, jewelry & clothing, candles, herbal items, essential oils, & natural products, guest speakers, door prizes & more!! For entertainment purposes only.
Reader & Vendor Booth Applications Available. See website for up to 50% off!
The Centre, 715 Locust Street, Evansville, IN 47708
For general, vendor, & volunteering info visit
Admission per person $8/day or $12/weekend
Print this ad from indiana.estia, bring it in & get $2 off admission.

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